COMMERCIAL asphalt installation

NV Contractors specializes in Commercial Asphalt Paving throughout New Jersey. If you own or manage a commercial property, NV Contractors can help eliminate any problems you have to deal with your parking lots and pedestrian walkways. From small pothole repairs to full scale parking lot installation projects, NV Contractors has the experienced team and best solutions to assist you & your company with your commercial asphalt paving projects.


As a business owner or facilities manager in New Jersey you may take your parking lot for granted. But the state of your parking lot can have a huge impact on your customers' overall experience when visiting your place of business. A well-maintained parking lot means less hassle and aggravation for customers; and in some cases, proper parking lot maintenance can help you avoid accidents on site. From shopping plazas and office buildings to larger industrial areas and full size malls. No job is too big for NV Contractors.

pothole repair

It's not unusual for blacktop to succumb to wear and tear over time. Excess traffic, plows and construction vehicles, and even inclement weather can all contribute to the deterioration of blacktop. If you're looking for reliable blacktop repair services in New Jersey, count on NV Contractors. Our dependable crew is at your service and ready to restore your blacktop quickly and efficiently.

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